Paintless Dent Repair is now the preferred method of repairing minor cosmetic damage on the body of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Major insurance companies started testing the long term effects of Paintless Dent Repairs in the early 2000s. State Farm was actually surprised how well these repairs accomplished the goal of helping maintain the value of any vehicle that doesn’t need refinish work!

The process of Paintless Dent Repair has been around for a long time. From our research we have found the following facts:

  • German auto manufacturers in the 1920’s used this process to remove minor imperfections on the body of their freshly manufactured vehicles.
  • These highly skilled technicians were called “Ding Men”.
  • They were the last ones to touch the vehicles on the assembly lines.

Learning how to do proper Paintless Dent Repair takes some technicians years to master. From Hail damage to minor dents and door dings, having the right tools can make a big difference in the quality of repairs. Contact The Ding Guy – we’ll answer all of your dent repair questions.


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Paintless Dent Repair Techniques

Newer techniques like glue pulling have revolutionized the size and severity of damage that can be repaired effectively. A professional glue repair kit can save a technicians a lot of time from having to remove parts to access the back side of a panel to push the damage out from the backside of a panel. Paintless Dent Repair also requires proper lighting that is adjustable. Technicians will have the light required for Paintless Dent Repair in a position close to the vehicle to show a reflection pattern that can be manipulated back into the original shape it was before the damage occurred.

Unfortunately, not all damage is repairable with Paintless Dent Repair. If the metal is stretched or in other words has to deep of a pocket of damage the metal will not shrink back to a satisfactory contour. One thing is for certain though Paintless Dent Repair saves a considerable amount of waste compared to the older conventional way of repair with fillers, paint and clear coats.

The environment deserves a break and we here at The Ding Guy are all about making our repairs as environmentally friendly as possible. So when you need repairs for minor dents, door dings or hail damage come down to The Ding Guy! Coffee is always hot and our advice on repairs and insurance claims can literally save you thousands of dollars and help maintain a higher value on your vehicle!

We are here to answer any and all questions you may have! The dent repair process doesn’t have to be hard. Simply call 1-800-Ding-Guy for qualified, professional help. We are the local leader for Paintless Dent Repair. Contact us for dents and dings in Colorado Springs.

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