Our Mission Statement:

” The Mission of TheDingGuy.com is to save our customers time and money whenever possible by using Paintless Dent Repair as the best, first option when repairing minor dentsdoor dings, and hail damage on their vehicles.”

Colorado Dent Ding Repair

We as a company always strive to keep the value of your vehicle in mind. We do not replace panels on your vehicle to repair it unless it is absolutely warranted. We do not refinish damaged panels unless it warrants it. We have spent years refining techniques to repair vehicles the old fashioned way, the proven way, by metal shaping and sculpting. Using systems and auto dent repair techniques that have been abandoned by so many…….give us a try you won’t be disappointed!

When you need dent and ding repair in Colorado Springs 1800DingGuy.com is a great choice for repairs. I will explain how a vehicle goes through the repair process when involved in an accident. If your vehicle is disabled from an accident it will be towed to a repair shop of your choice or to a holding lot until you can make arrangement for the vehicle to be taken to a collision shop. Now this part is important, you, the vehicle owner has the choice to choose who you want to fix damage on your vehicle. Every Major Insurance Companies who you may have insurance through will always be very happy to give you a list of “select” repair shops for repairs to be done. Think about it! When you have a need to actually use your insurance that you pay for month in and month out, do you think a huge corporation has your vehicles best interest in mind? Every “select” shop any insurance company recommends has a signed agreement to keep the cost of repairs down. Ever heard the term you get what you pay for? It is not the fault of a repair shop that the insurance companies have a company employee involved in the repair process who most of the time has no repair experience what so ever! Their job is to save as much money on a vehicle damage claim for the company as they can. I have personally seen shops get forced into cutting corners on repairs that the shop is not ok with. My recommendation is to use a repair facility your insurance company does not have on a list. Make sure you choose a shop that offers a lifetime guarantee on repairs and will not be obligated to lower their labor rates or be forced to use low quality or even used replacement parts.

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