Many consumers have never heard of paintless dent repair, while a number of other consumers don’t really understand what the process includes. This post is meant to describe the process of paintless dent repair with special emphasis on the tools that make is possible.

Whether plastic or metal, the parts of your automobile which are molded to fit a specific purposes in your vehicle are structured in such a way that makes their shape “natural”. While significant autobody damage results in fractures of these pieces, more minor dings and dents can many times be massaged out of these panels or pieces. This may sound silly, but this massaging technique, with the aid of certain tools or methods attempts to bring the plastic or metal back to it’s natural state. By warming the pieces, and repeatedly apply just the right amount of pressure against the ding or dent, an experienced technician can ease the material back into its shape in such a way that the paint overlaying the damage fits together almost perfectly.

While there may be some very small cracks or misshapen elements in the autobody, to the casual observer, any previous ding or dent is unnoticeable. Below are examples of some of the customized tools that help us massage the dents out of the body.

Next time you have hail damage, a small fender bender, or a ding or dent, don’t hesitate to contact The Ding Guy to get a free estimate on your repairs.

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