is committed to staying current on vehicle manufacturing and the materials they use. For the last couple of years we have known about and prepared for high strength steel used in the body panels of vehicles starting in about 2008. Ford has had this in door skins for awhile. We are PDR High Strength Steel Repair Specialists…. Recently we repaired a brand new Mustang with hail damage. The quarter panels and roof rails are manufactured with high strength steel. The panels have similar characteristics to aluminum. A highly skilled technician would be the only one that should repair dents with the Paintless Dent Repair process.

Paintless Dent Repair Monument Colorado

In the case of aluminum dent and ding repair in Colorado Springs and the same with high strength steel repair a 25% addition to pricing is necessary because of the rigidness of the panels. Because the metal can not handle being heated to to high of a level we make sure all of our equipment is the latest technology to insure all repairs leave your vehicle in the same condition it was before an accident that damages your vehicle. Our processes do not alter high strength steel panels and the job they are designed to do, like keep you safe in an accident!

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