When you have damage to the body of your vehicle you can save a lot of money having TheDingGuy do the repairs even if the damage requires some painting. Why would we be able to save money on a collision damaged vehicle? Well several reasons..

Any damage that is on a vehicle requires more than just repairing the specific spot that is damaged. What I mean is that a majority of the time the entire panel will automatically get replaced. With the  replacement of the damaged vehicle panel not only will that specific panel need repainted but the adjacent panel on the vehicle and sometimes the panel on either side of a panel.

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So say the front drivers door on your car gets hit by another car this means that the fender in front of the door and the rear door or quarter panel, depending on a two door or four door model, will have to be “blended” with paint for an invisible repair. So one panel damaged but three panels have to be taken apart, trim, glass, anything that needs to be removed for the refinishing process is done. Sometimes it is necessary but not always. What we do; inspect the damage, use our panel repair technology that is specific to TheDingGuy and if at all possible repair the damaged panel while still on the vehicle. Shrinking the damage down to a point that in some cases require only the single panel to be painted or just two panels. The idea is to save time in the repair and leave as much of the vehicle in tact so you do not need more involved repairs. In our case less is more. Keep the repair small as possible and it saves money! Saving a single blend panel can save up to a thousand dollars on a repair.

In most cases a damaged vehicle panel or panels has some small damage like door dings or dents. Because we use Paintless Dent Repair that damage can be repaired quickly and affordably and this helps us keep the repair area smaller. All repairs have a lifetime guarantee!

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