I have had some interesting conversations with Collision Shop owners in the last few days. It seems that the gentlemen I spoke with have begun to finally realize the power of PDR for their respective shops. I am meeting….I am meeting with them to discuss the integration of PDR techniques into the production procedures for their shops. It is so true that the industry has gone away from the truly skilled metal workers to part replacing techs. Body men who utilize PDR in their repairs are making a LOT more money for themselves and the shops they work in. As much as 30% more than their counterparts.

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The thing about Collision Repair is that a tech doesn’t need to fine tune a PDR skill to improve their productivity. Using techniques I have designed for a PDR Collision Technician only requires doing what we call a push to paint. This process only requires a technician to re-shape the damaged area back to 70-80% of original shape. This of course would be on panels with severe paint damage that will require refinishing to complete an invisible repair.

Panels for replacement are going to be more difficult to find because of manufacturing declines due to the economy. Used parts almost always have damage on them and these techniques will not only expedite a repair when a panel can be saved but also require far less materials. A win win scenario in anyones book!

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