When I say future of Paintless Dent Repair of course I only mean for 1800DingGuy. The way Paintless Dent Repair has been done for years is not what I speak of, no,no,no. We have developed an interesting set of skills that not only make our services unique, but will give us a competitive edge on our competition. With the metal finish technology we have recently got our hands on we will be able to save our customers a considerable amount of money while doing a higher quality job on their vehicles repairs.

Paintless Dent Ding Repair Colorado Springs

I am so excited it feels like I got a candy bar with a golden ticket. When you have damage on your vehicle the first thing most shops ( our competition) will do if the damage to any particular panel on the vehicle is “to severely damaged” is to cut that panel off the car! We do NOT do that! We save the integrity of your vehicles structure every time it is possible. We work the metal. We shape back into place. Now granted some damage is so severe that a proper safe repair will require panels being replaced, but the thing is if it does not need replaced it will remain intact on your vehicle. You see if it can be saved it will. If not the replacement parts will be replaced/repaired to the vehicle manufacture specifications.

Since we have the ability to convert replacement panel cost with labor we can save costs on repairs. When we can save a panel it costs less than replacement usually by at least 10%. Considering a roof panel replacement costs usually in the $1500.00 range at least.

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