We are all as careful as we can be out there driving around. Unfortunately people are imperfect and we all have accidents. Sometimes an accident can befall our beloved vehicles when we are not there to witness it. For all those times, TheDingGuy is unique in what it offers.

Fender Bender Repair Colorado

No matter how big or small your collision damage, or mystery damage in some cases, we approach repairs in a way that benefits the over all value of your vehicle and is easier in many cases on your wallet. At TheDingGuy our first objective will be to save as much of the original damaged area as possible. What this means is: We will not replace parts unless there is no other choice. We will keep the structural integrity of your vehicle intact. We are craftsmen who take pride in our ability to “work the metal”. We have systems in place that give our technicians an edge by being able and capable of repairing the damage on the vehicle without cutting your car apart and replacing it with a low quality aftermarket part.

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