Colorado Springs Dent RepairEspecially if you are the kind of consumer who buys a new car every 4-6 years ensuring that you repair any dings or dents quickly is an important part of ensuring your optimal resale value. Because most vehicles sold at this age have few major mechanical problems, the aesthetic appearance of these vehicles, is often considered the second most important concern when pricing the vehicle, behind only mileage.

Because auto dings and dents happen, it isn’t worth beating yourself up about them. Rather your only real choice is how you choose to address them. Dealing with them quickly improves the prospects that they might be completely repaired. If they can be removed before paint begins to chips or peal, it is more likely that the plastic or metal won’t hold the dent, but rather can merely return to it’s designed shape.

Even if it isn’t performed soon after it’s occurrence, it is often wise to consult TheDingGuy before putting your car on the market. If you can remove a ding or dent before resale, the perception of the car’s value will be significantly improved. ¬†Just a few hundred spent before the listing can sometimes result in an improvement of $500 or more in the sale price.

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