Most of our clients understandable think of use for the “dings” that their vehicles may get from hail, rocks or other small projectiles. Since we call ourselves “The Ding Guy” we understand that this absolutely makes sense. Just a reminder not to forget about us for your Colorado Springs Dent Repair Needs.

When you get in a small to medium sized fender bender, have that unfortunate meeting with a pole you didn’t see when you were backing up, or have the terrible experience of returning to your car in a parking lot and finding it anonymously dented, The Ding Guy is the first company you should call!

Colorado Springs Ding Dent RepairColorado Springs Dent Repair

In many cases we can repair the dent at the time of the estimate. This process often takes less than 1 hour and can leave your car looking so much better than it did with the dent at the fraction of the price you would pay at a typical Colorado Springs body shop.

If the dent or damage is greater than we can handle, The Ding Guy is also an excellent resource for referring you to a body shop. Because we are referring you, our partners understand that they must give our clients fair prices.

Whatever damage your automobile had experienced, give us a call today at 1800-Ding-Guy (346-4489) or email us below to schedule your appointment. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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