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  • The Ding Stinger App


    Our New Smartphone App

    Constantly trying to server our clients better has lead us to create this industry leading app. Please let us know what you think of it and how we might improve.

    The Ding Stinger
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    The Ding Stinger is a revolutionary smartphone app from The Ding Guy designed to allow our customer to simply take a photo of their autobody damage and receive a preliminary bid quickly.

  • Autobody Repair


    Autobody Repair

    Do you have a vehicle in need of autobody repair? TheDingGuy can help get your car looking normal again with our experienced and trusted autobody services. Call us today and schedule a free consultation.

    Autobody Repair
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    While we may specialize in Paintless Dent Repair, we can handle the great majority of autobody repair needs. Often time our services are less expensive and more rapid than taking your car to a typical autobody shop. Learn more about our services today.

  • Hail Damage


    Hail Repair

    If your car has hail damage, don't hesitate to call TheDingGuy today. The longer you wait to get it repaired, the longer it has to possibly start chipping the paint or event rusting. DingGuy is your quick and easy ding and dent solution!

    Hail Repair Services
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    Hail can be your vehicle's worst nightmare. Striking with little warning, often when you are unable to park your vehicle in a sheltered environment, hail can cause significant damage to your vehicle's body. Paintless Dent Repair from TheDingGuy can fix that damage quickly and inexpensively. Call us today!

  • Fender Bender Repair


    Repair Fender Bender Damage

    Did your door or bumper get dented by a careless neighbor? Did you have a run in with a pole backing out of the parking spot? Were you recently in a small fender bender?

    What Should I Do?
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    TheDingGuy is here to fix your minor body damage from fender benders, no matter the cause, or what part of your car is damaged. Call us today and schedule a free consultation!

  • Paintless Dent Repair


    Why Go Paintless?

    Paintless dent repair is now the preferred method of auto-body repair for many common dings and dents. In most cases the cost can be covered by your insurance. Call TheDingGuy today to schedule your Free Consultation!

    PDR Services
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    Paintless Dent Repair is an innovative system of auto-body repair that allows us to save you time and money keeping your car free of dings and dents.

  • Ding & Dent Repair


    Want a Beautiful Vehicle?

    The TheDingGuy is an experienced team of repair professionals, ready to serve you with the highest quality of ding and dent repair services in the nation.

    Dent Repair FAQ
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    Do you want to keep your vehicle's exterior free from ugly dings and dents that accumulate over years of driving and weather? TheDingGuy offers fast, reliable, and inexpensive ding and dent repair services. Call today for a free estimate!

About Us

The Ding Guy is a family owned and operated business; the product of 20 years paintless dent/ hail damage repair in Colorado and across the country.

For the past 20 years we have traveled across the country performing hail damage repairs at auto body shops, dealers, and dent repair shops.

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Colorado Proud

We proudly serve central Colorado with the finest ding and dent repair services for your automobile. Our service area includes Pueblo, Castle Rock, Monument, Colorado Springs, as well as the Air Force Academy & Fort Carson. If you are thinking about minor to moderate auto body repair in any of these areas, give us a call. We promise you won’t be disappointed in the service you receive.

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